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Matt Nelson

Stephen Ritter


Matt began collecting vintage comics at an early age, starting with a copy of Iron Man #1 that he received for his 14th birthday. By age 18 he had opened More Fun Comics with Bill Ponseti, and within two years Matt became the youngest Overstreet Advisor ever.

After writing an article for Comic Book Marketplace #32 on sixteen famous pedigree collections, Matt thought an entire book on pedigrees was a viable concept. He began compiling information, including old dealer catalogs, original pedigree lists, and a full run of TBG and CBG, a weekly comic newspaper where most pedigreed collections debuted during the '70's and '80s.

In 1996 Matt opened Classics Incorporated, a business dedicated to comic restoration. After CGC opened in 2000, Matt quickly realized the potential of 3rd party grading in the industry and added pressing and removal services to his business. In 2008, Matt and Kenny Sanderson introduced the revolutionary process of leaf casting to comic restoration, elevating the process to new heights.

It was during this time Matt discovered that Stephen Ritter was also planning a book on pedigree collections, at which point they decided to collaborate. In 2008 the two partnered to form Worldwide Comics, selling high end vintage comics both online and at shows throughout the country.

CGC purchased Classics Incorporated in 2013, relocated the business to Sarasota, FL and renamed it Classic Collectible Services (CCS). Matt divested his interests in Worldwide Comics, which moved to San Antonio, TX. In 2016, Matt transitioned from President of CCS to Primary Grader at CGC.


Stephen began collecting comics in the early 1970s in south Texas. His appetite for comics was insatiable as he acquired every comic he came across until, in 1975, he located Corpus Christi's first Comic Specialty shop. It was then that he set his path to acquire every Marvel and DC comic from the Silver Age to the present. Like many collectors, completing runs was eventually replaced with upgrading to the nicest conditions he could find.

As he closed in on completing his Marvel and DC runs, Stephen inevitably migrated towards the Golden Age of comics, which greatly broadened the scope of his collecting. By 1990, he had amassed a large collection of duplicate issues and began a new path of selling comics. His attendance at most major conventions around the country introduced him to collectors of all kinds and national dealers around the country.

Stephen attended The University of Texas at Austin, graduating with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and later an MS Aerospace engineering degree at the University of Dayton. He joined the U.S. Air Force where he served 24 years, rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel. His military career took him around the country, allowing him to seek out comics in towns and cities from coast to coast.

As his Air Force career came to a close, he elected to pursue a comic dream rather than continuing his engineering career on the civilian side. In March of 2008, Stephen launched Worldwide Comics with Matt Nelson. When Matt's company Classics Incorporated was bought out by CGC, Matt had to give up his partnership in Worldwide Comics. Stephen asked his most significant other, Sharon, to not only marry him, but join him in his lifelong dream. They married in 2012 and moved to San Antonio, Texas where they now share their lives on the road hunting for and working with vintage comics.

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